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2008; vol. 28, no. 4

R. Nowak, A. Plucienniczak
Finite State Automata Built on DNA
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


A. Gruca
Analysis of GO Composition of Gene Clusters by Using Multiattribute Decision Rules
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


E. Olejarczyk, M. Przytulska, A. Bajera, L. Królicki
Comparison of Different SPECT Images Analysis Methods for Inter-Hemispheric Asymmetry Detection in Patients with Epileptic Symptoms
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Raniszewski
Double Sort Algorithm Resulting in Reference Set of the Desired Size
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


G.J. Hatliński, K. Kochanek, A. Piłka, W. Bochenek
Application of Tone-Pip Stimuli of Different Rrise-Times for Wave V Identification in Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABR) Procedures
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


N. S. Żołek, S. Wojtkiewicz, A. Liebert
Correction of Anisotropy Coefficient in Original Henyey Greenstein Phase Function for Monte Carlo Simulations of Light Transport in Tissue
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


A. Korzyńska, M. Zychowicz
A Method of Estimation of the Cell Doubling Time on Basis of the Cell Culture Monitoring Data
pdfAbstract pdfFull text




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