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        Doctoral School of Information and Biomedical Technologies Polish Academy of Sciences (TIP PAN)             logoTIP 2

In April 16th 2019, 7 scientific institutions signed an agreement to establish, and run a Doctoral School of Information and Biomedical Technologies Polish Academy of Sciences (TIP PAN)

The School will be constituted by:

  1. Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  2. Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences
  3. Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics Polish Academy of Sciences
  4. Mossakowski Medical Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences
  5. Nalecz Institute of biocyberentics and biomedical engineering Polish Academy of Sciences
  6. NASK - Research and Academic Computer Network
  7. Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences

The TIB PAS Doctoral School conducts the education of PhD students preparing to obtain the doctoral degree in the following disciplines:

  • technical informatics and telecommunications,
  • biomedical engineering,
  • medical sciences.

IBIB PAN announces recruitment to TIB PAN





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