Zapraszamy na Seminarium Zakładu III

Prof Herve Rix z University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
wygłosi wykład pt.: "Noise reduction using Integral Shape Averaging"

Seminarium odbędzie się w dniu 23 maja (środa) o godz. 12.30 w sali S90

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Integral Shape Averaging (ISA) is a technique for averaging a series of positive signals using their normalized integrals. In case of equal shape signals, ISA gives an estimation of this shape with an increased SNR due to integration. A new application of ISA is presented here: from only one recording of a positive signal embedded in noise, applying ISA to a series of delayed windows containing the signal can give a good estimation of this signal. For further application to cognitive evoked potentials, simulation results are given on a double and then a triple Gaussian embedded in white zero mean noise, with different SNRs.