We would like to invite You on Seminar: „Quantitative diffuse optical methods for neuromonitoring”. This meeting will be held in Warsaw on June 18th-19th, 2019 and will be co-chaired by Prof. Keith St.Lawrence (Canada) and Prof. Adam Liebert (Poland).

The Seminar will be related to challenges, applications and limitations of methods based on contrast agent passage, development of quantified parameters useful in cerebral hemodynamics assessment and metrological problems related to application of diffuse optics methods in neuromonitoring. The ICG enhanced NIRS techniques for cerebral perfusion estimation and monitoring, time-resolved NIRS, coherent hemodynamics spectroscopy and broadband NIRS techniques for quantifying cerebral hemodynamics as well as computational methods in NIRS imaging and tomography will be discussed. The Seminar will also address problems of application of these methods from clinicians point of view.

The program is avilable on: www.ibib.waw.pl/ICBSeminar164

Among invited speakers are: Arjun Yodh (University of Pennsylvania), Emanuela Keller (University Hospital Zurich), Sergio Fantini (Tufts University), Davide Contini (POLIMI), Hamid Dehghani (The University of Birmingham), Ilias Tachtsidis (UCL), Turgut Durduran (ICFO).
We encourage you to participate in the Seminar.