We would like to invite you on scientific seminar

MSc Bartosz Kossowski from CNS Lab will speak about: Magnetic resonance spectroscopy - method and application.
The seminar will take place in Hall S90, Tuesday, March 20th (wtorek) at 12.00


Magnetic resonance spectroscopy is an analytical technique that can be used to complement the more common magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the characterization of tissue. Both techniques typically acquire signal from hydrogen protons but MRI acquires signal from primarily from protons which reside within water and fat, which are approximately a thousand times more abundant than the molecules detected with MRS. As a result MRI often uses the larger available signal to produce very clean images, whereas MRS very frequently only acquires signal from a single localized region. MRS can be used to determine the relative concentrations and physical properties of a variety of biochemicals frequently referred to as "metabolites" due to their role in metabolism (NAA, Glutamate, GABA, Choline, Creatine etc.). (Wiki)
I will introduce the method, which has been made available recently in CNS Lab. The results of spectroscopy in dyslexic subjects will be presented as an exemplary application of MRS in research.